Full length title sequence I created for later seasons of Breaking Bad where viewers are familiar with the characters and their roles in the plot. The color scheme directly borrows the important color scheme of the show, green and off-yellow. every asset was produced in cinema 4D and color correction was done in after effects.

Final project for a motion graphics class experimenting with interactive/ installation based motion design.

This installation piece uses a mouse, keyboard, and Leap Motion as input devices. Using the Processing language I created this particle based installation where the user has one simple way to interact, move. The mouse creates particles that form semi-transparent polygons if close enough, and the tracking data from the Leap Motion creates particles connected by lines based on their distance. The user can choose to have the program randomly pick colors for both the background and particles, creating a zen moment when the program randomly selects an appealing color scheme. Users may also change the color themselves (but only to a random value) by using the spacebar and B key. By hitting Z the user can lock in the current color scheme, and unlock it by hitting Z again.

Music: Smash the Funk, by GRIZ
Video documentation: Evan Goodell
Special thanks: Leap Motion, Processing, Austin Shaw, and voidplus

ID for Syfy from my Multiplatform Branding and Package Design class at SCAD.

Collection of work from 2011 to early 2014. Most projects were produced in Cinema 4D with post effects in After Effects.

Music is Bass Nipple by Infected Mushroom

Senior project for my final year at SCAD, I wanted to go back to how I got into motion graphics, visual music.

music credit goes to edIT, the song is Ants

I played with the adventurous feel of Discovery for my branding class while making this logo animation. I feel that it stays on brand with a feeling of epicness, adventure, and (no pun intended) discovery.

I wanted to make a logo animation for HBO that reflected their high quality using cinemagraphic camera angles to keep the animation somewhat abstract at the beginning.

Logo animation project for Dunkin Donuts, Also my first time doing any frame by frame animation in photoshop.

Minimalistic Target logo animation for my branding class.

Redone title sequence for the 1978 sci-fi movie Star Crash. It was fun to play off of the cheesiness and eccentricity of this movie in redesigning its title sequence.