Take on an idea

Take on an idea is a visual experiment that ended up being my final project as a student. It shows the process we have learned to use when approaching new briefs. How different techniques and tools can help you in the creative part.

My biggest learning has been exactly that. Before school I didn't consider myself as a creative person. But I wanted to be one of those peoples and I was also told that everyone is creative.

Next week I'm not longer a student and I must say that Hyper Island has helped me evolve in so many ways. And I do believe that everyone is creative. It's been a heck of a year! My biggest learning has been these times when we were suppose to come up with ideas for clients. So it feels obvious that my final project should be about that.



You start of by gathering reference material and inspiration.

You twist them around, turn them inside-out, flip them and play with different mash ups and combinations. You starting to come up with hints of ideas.

At this stage you usually have a ton of small ideas and possible ways to go. Time to kill your darlings and overall cross the bad ones. You also ask for feedback from new people.

The brain!

You structure everything and starting to see which idea is the most original and valuable.

And your idea is there! (I actually thought of killing the last one as well cause you can end up doing this a couple of time)