Organization Overview
The Institute for Encyclopedic Amalgamation (IEA) collection serves as a repository and sanctuary for abandoned encyclopedia sets, the once ubiquitous tome of knowledge. Now considered obsolete, we believe in making the collection accessible and available because we recognize their lingering relevance. In so doing, we preserve each piece as a time capsule that acts as a prism onto historical thought; as a gauge of shifting scale of authority and belief; and as artistic source material for (as yet) un-digitized, un-searchable text and image.

The IEA seeks to dislodge this collected knowledge from its traditional utility and reframe it within a pluralistic, metaphoric environment. Each volume aggregates source material from across the collection and re-presents them as meditations on a specific topic or theme, ranging from the everyday to the uncanny, the psychoanalytical to the political.

The IEA actively searches for encyclopedia sets that need a forever home. We offer pick-up services in the greater Chicago area and will pay for media mail shipping from anywhere in the United States.

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