StratoFyzika is a Berlin based group formed especially for their first collaboration on the audiovisual dance performance Fire -23° in 2012.
For realization of the next project II aiKia II, they invited two guests, dancer Robert Van Den Dolder and interactive support Dale Phurrough.
Recently, only initial core members come back together with new concept of an audiovisual performance Shadows of aiKia, thematically following last project. This piece will be performed live In May 2013 at the festival Month of Performance Berlin.

Wide range of specialization of each artist brings together unique constellation going across genre and borders, stretching to find a connection between our fields.

We research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and dance in an interdisciplinary way to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience where numbers, frequencies and bodies merge into a final equation on stage.


Video Atavistic matter
screening 13.2.2013 at 20:00
at Boddinalle, Loophole, Berlin

Camera: Alessandra Leone aiKia and Akkamiau
Editing: Alessandra Leone aiKia
Music: Akkamiau
Movement: Hen Lovely Bird and Daria Kaufman

members of the group:

Aikia / VisualStrato
Akkamiau / AudioStrato
Henlovelybird / CorporealStrato

Contact/ Alessandra Leone /// ale (at) /// + 49 151 50 64 0080 /// +49 30 311 669 70



Alessandra Leone - live visuals, motion design, animation and direction.Born 1983, from Milan, IT.

As a trained (motion) graphics designer and self taught programmer, highly fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality, she tries to make her work visually attractive and challenging. Enjoys collaborating on audio-visual projects, and as such has performed at a range of live events, exploring new solutions for experimental mapping installations and immerse environments.
With a strong eye for detail and a passion for creating interesting interactive experiences and motion graphics sequences, is now freelancing in Berlin and Milan, collaborating with different studios as motion graphics animator and editor, as well as carrying on with her personal projects, in the form of a wider co-action with independent media as a reaction to the lack of critical, unbiased coverage in the mainstream media .

2011 - architectural mapping set at Mapping Festival 2011 - Geneva, Fonderie Kugler 27th May 2011

2011 - SYN - SYN installation is a “social brain”, an artificial neural system represented through a videomapping. It is programmed in QuartzComposer and activated by RSS feeds from thematic blogs and web community pages and audience interaction with mobile devices. Moreover, the videomapping can be realized as well within an audiovisual live performance.

selected for
2011 - XV Biennale de la Mediterranèe (Thessaloniki, Greece)
2012 - B-Seite Festival - Mannheim
2012 - Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
2012 - " The Period- I'm sorry mum" an articulate and multidisciplinary performance which contains different kind of arts :
sculptures by Zazzaro Otto , sound design by Laura Energia, visual effects by Alessandra Leone, extreme bodyart and actions by Nike Brass Alghisio and Litan Trace (special thanks to Darkam Asiylum).
Performed at Cell63 ArtGallery - Berlin on 26.05.12 and FemmeFraktale @B.L.O. Ateliers on 26.06.12

2012 - “Alle carte t’alleni nella tetra cella” - Particles reacting structures evolving and taking life . Hosted by Audition Records & Salon Bruit and Screened at Lichtblick Kino, Berlin

2012 - for Trion X - event organized by Salon Bruit that took place on 16.06 - together with Yoann Trellu (video) and Séamus O´Donnell : sound/video installation in Lauschangriff.

2012 II aiKia II: audiovisual performance, sound, Platoon gallery, Berlin GE


* photo grabber * video artheist * music composter * stories generator *

2006 1+1=3 /video bliss stolen lust mental obscurity/ video night, Mornings Nights, Los Angeles,CA
2006 Is she someone I don't know?, A/V installation, Infinity Complexity, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Akkamiau: live audiovisual performance, visuals by Anymade std. CZ
2009 L to the B: live audiovisual performance, direction, production, organization, Brno CZ
2010 Magnifico Giganticus: live audiovisual performance, sound, art director, House of Art, Brno CZ
2010 Na hraně hranice_site specific project: sound installation, art directior, Zbrojovka Brno CZ
2011 Akkamiau deathly serious: audiovisual performance, FabLab, Berlin GE
2012 FIRE -23: triangular improvisation, sound, Femme Fractale, Berlin GE
2012 II aiKia II: audiovisual performance, sound, Platoon gallery, Berlin GE

Hen Lovely Bird

Companies & Performances:

2012 II aiKia II: audiovisual performance, sound, Platoon gallery, Berlin GE
2012 August Platoon Kunsthalle (Dancer/Choregrapher)
2012 July Fashion Week: Frau Feger (Watergate), Claudia Vitali (Brunnestrasse 65)
2012 May 26th Femme Fraktale B.L.O. Altier (Dancer)
2012 May 13th Month of Performance Art, ACUD Theater (Improvised Performance)
2012 March, April Vexkiddy, Katerholzig und Raum Ziegrastr (Performance Artist)
Suki Tawdry Collective
2011 Levis Commercial, Berlin (Dancer)
2011&2009 Ripe Bones, Ripe Bonds; Vesica Piscis: Raum 18, Elsenstr 50, Sowiesoe (Dancer/Choreographer) 2010 TwinSpace, Tsukii Sound (Vocalist)
2010 Kunst Stoff, Blossom (Dancer)
2010 Idoru, Subterranean Art House (Dancer)
2010 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Dancer/Choreographer)
2009 De Young Museum, (Dancer, Performance Artist, Video Artist)
2009 Red Gate, Vancouver, (Dancer, Choreographer)
No Nude Men Productions
“Learning From Hilde’s Mistakes” (Choreographer, Actor, Dancer)
Random Acts of Musical Appreciation
“It’s Oh So Quiet” (Dancer)
Mills College
2009 Senior Thesis "Or A Body And It" (video, choreography, dance, dance theater) Collaborations with: Jason Hoopes, Fred Frith, Jordan Glenn, Anna Seagrave, Liz Sexe, Paul Naughton, Kamau Patton, Zeina Nasr, Stefan Smith (Dancer) 2008 Ben & Hen Duet, sound, fabric, movement & video collage; SoloSandwich (Dancer)
2008 Andy Strain, A multi-media performance in a museum (Dancer)
2008 Cage Norman & Sarah Cunningham Structured Improv (Dancer)
2008 Studio One Day: Denaya Kraines (Dancer)
2008 Senior Thesis Concert: Sara Kester (Dancer)
2008 Graduate Thesis Concert: Jose Navarette, Daria Kaufman, Sarah Bolton (Dancer, Video, Vocalist)
2007 Video/Sound/Performance Installation (artist/performer)
2007 Sound Art Exhibition (Artist)
2007 Repertory Company Performance: Kimiko Guthrie (Dancer, Vocalist)
Mutatis Mutandi
2008 Southern Exposure, Sound Art with Kamau Patton and Suzy Poling (Dancer)
Pretty with Nic & Tuc
2008 Harvey’s, Metro, Underground SF, Castro Street Fair, The Stud (Dancer)
2007, Harvey’s, Castro Street Fair (Dancer)
Borts Minorts, an experimental dance band
2009 Pehrspace (Los Angeles), The Uptown (Dancer)
2008 Hemlock Tavern (Dancer)
2007 Hemlock Tavern, Bottom of the Hill (Dancer)
Dark Porch Theater
2008 Cockroach, (Dancer)
2007 Under the Bed, A Fairytale set in Purgatory (Dancer, Chorus)
Black Cactus Choir/14th Street Collective/The Dollhouse
2008 Your House (Dancer/Performer)
2008 Brava Theater (Dancer, Sound Editor), Solo/Duet for Wedding (Dancer/Performer)
2007 Hotel Utah, CCSF, CounterPulse (Dancer/Choreographer)
2006 MAPP (Red Poppy Art House), Element Lounge (Dancer/Choreographer)
2006 Low Tech: CCSF Winter Dance Concert, (Choreographer/Dancer)
2006 Winter Puerto Rican Tour: Taller Ce, Area, Esquella De Bellas Artes (Dancer/Choreographer)
2006 Celebration: CCSF Spring Dance Concert, (Dancer)
2005 Low Tech: CCSF Winter Dance Concert, (Choreographer/Dancer)