*Current project* I am currently working on a monograph on literary biopics, examining the screen adaptation of the figure of the author and biographies of well-known writers. I am also co-organising a conference on biopic adaptations at the Centre for Adaptations, De Montfort University:

CFP: Biopic Adaptations
Centre for Adaptations
De Montfort University
Leicester LE1 9BH
24 February 2015

Although ‘biopics’, or film biographies, have been around since the beginning of cinema, scholarly interest in the subject is only beginning to develop. This one day conference hosted by the Centre for Adaptations will bring together scholars and practitioners in a range of topics, such as the evolution of the biopic from the silent to the contemporary period, biopics of writers, sporting heroes, politicians, royalty and gangsters, and debates concerning gender, sexuality, race and historical integrity. Proposals (between 50-100 words) and a brief biographical note should be sent to Deborah Cartmell (djc@dmu.ac.uk) and Hila Shachar (hila.shachar@dmu.ac.uk) by 27 November 2014. Papers will be selected for publication.

Office for Learning and Teaching, Australian Government

I was part of a research team funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (Australian Government) and lead by the University of Tasmania to build a project called ‘Adapt’.

‘Adapt’ is based on the development of an online Open Educational Resources (OER) repository where individuals might share teaching materials and browse other people’s work, creating a community of scholars. While primarily focused on the field of Adaptation Studies, this repository also acts as a test pilot for Australian institutions, as OER projects are still relatively new in Australian higher education.

This project was a partnership led by Professor Imelda Whelehan (University of Tasmania), with project partners including myself, Dr Hila Shachar (University of Western Australia), as well as Professor David Sadler (University of Tasmania), Dr Lisa Fletcher (University of Tasmania), Associate Professor Frances Bonner (University of Queensland), Associate Professor Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland), and Dr Christopher Worth (Monash University).

For more information on the project, visit: Website, Blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Interviews with Holocaust Survivors

I have extensive experience interviewing Holocaust survivors for the purpose of preserving historical memory, aiding the preservation of historical knowledge, educational films and projects on the Holocaust, and commissioned interviews by Holocaust memorial museums. I am a skilled interviewer and have conducted such interviews in both English and Hebrew.

I have also undertaken years of research about the Holocaust, and I’m available to aid in the development of and research for any Holocaust related interviews, projects, films, archival research, educational programmes, journalism, media releases, and school groups talks and lectures.

Notes on Metamodernism

I am part of the editorial team for the website, Notes on Metamodernism, which brings together scholars and critics from across the world to examine contemporary art, politics, aesthetics, film, literature, theatre and culture.

The University of Western Australia

I have worked as an Administrative and Research Assistant at The University of Western Australia, where I was called upon to perform general administrative duties including the formulation of department spreadsheets, uploading of undergraduate course material online, designing of department marketing materials, photocopying, printing and liaising with the general public/students.

I also worked as a specialist Research Assistant undertaking comprehensive searches of online databases and compiling annotated bibliographies and reports on research that aided a successful application for a large government grant. The subject areas of this specialised research included Land Law/Property Law and literature, Mabo Land Law, and nineteenth-century literature.

Archival Research

I have undertaken archival research in many museums and libraries in the UK and Australia, and performed years of online and professional database research. I can collate, manage and report material in a timely and efficient manner for various large or small projects, and long or short reports.

Freelance Editing

I have experience working as an editor and reviewer with various authors, publishers and literary/academic journals. Duties I have performed include, reviewing books and submissions for journals and publishers, peer-reviewing book manuscripts and journal articles for publication, acting as an external reviewer for publishers such as Routledge and Palgrave Macmillan, proof-reading and editing book manuscripts, essays, articles and fiction, copy-editing and indexing for books, and many more.

I also have a good knowledge of copyright laws in print, film, and online material, having worked closely with various publishers, editors, film companies and copyright lawyers.