My name is Hila Shachar and I’m a skilled professional writer, researcher and editor, as well as an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia, where I completed my PhD in 2009. I live and work in Perth, Australia. I have extensive experience producing online/print marketing and PR materials, journalism, blogging, magazine writing, copy-writing, proofing, editing, and more.

I work as a writer for The Australian Ballet and contribute regularly to their official blog, Behind Ballet. I also write for Underscore Magazine and Notes on Metamodernism, as well as being part of the Editorial Team.

I’m available for all manner of writing, editing, research and marketing work. So please email me at hila.shachar@uwa.edu.au if you’re interested. I’ve even written poems for somebody’s wedding once!

You can also find me writing away on my blog, Le projet d’amour, twitter and facebook.

Here, you’ll find the following information about my work and professional background:

Education & Teaching
Book Essays
Print & Fiction
Research & Editing

I welcome all enquiries via email at hila.shachar@uwa.edu.au.