My name is Hila Shachar and I’m a lecturer in English literature at De Montfort University. I am also a skilled professional writer, researcher and editor. I live and work in Leicester, England.

I have extensive experience producing online/print marketing and PR materials, journalism, blogging, magazine writing, copy-writing, proofing, editing, and more.

I work as a writer for The Australian Ballet and contribute regularly to their official blog, Behind Ballet. I also write for Underscore Magazine and Notes on Metamodernism, as well as being part of the Editorial Team.

I’m available for all manner of writing, editing, research and marketing work. So please email me at hila.shachar@dmu.ac.uk if you’re interested.

I am also available to comment and offer expertise for media pieces in my research areas, and have done so before. Please visit my university page for more details.

You can also find me writing away on my blog, Le projet d’amour, twitter and facebook.

Here, you’ll find the following information about my work and professional background:

Education & Teaching
Book Essays
Print & Fiction
Research & Editing

I welcome all enquiries via email at hila.shachar@dmu.ac.uk.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
English and Cultural Studies, The University of Western Australia
Awarded March, 2010

Degree conferred at graduation in March 2010, undertaken from February 2005-June 2009. I was awarded two competitive salary scholarships to undertake a PhD from the Australian government and a privately funded one awarded to the highest-ranking student in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Western Australia. I also won numerous awards based on my research from various institutions such as King’s College in London and The University of Western Australia.

Bachelor of Arts Degree with First Class Honours
English and Cultural Studies/European Studies, The University of Western Australia
Awarded March, 2005

Degree conferred at graduation in March 2005, undertaken February 2001-December 2004. I was awarded my Bachelor of Arts and Honours Degree with the highest overall mark within the Faculty of Arts, and hence was awarded two PhD scholarships to continue my studies. I was also awarded numerous prizes throughout my undergraduate degree by The University of Western Australia for my high-achieving performance.


I am currently a lecturer in English literature at De Montfort University and member of the Centre for Adaptations. My areas of teaching include:

* Adaptations
* Literature and Film
* The Brontës
* Romantic and Victorian Literature
* Feminism and Gender

Cultural Afterlives and Screen Adaptations of Classic Literature: Wuthering Heights and Company, published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Featured in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. Nominated for the 2012 Premier’s Book Awards.

Available for purchase at: Palgrave Macmillan’s Website, The Book Depository, Amazon UK, Macmillan’s Website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other stores. More details here.

The Elements of In-Between, a joint book project with artist Amy Borrell, 2011.

Read a review here. Available for purchase in Hardcover and Paperback.


Critical essay titled, “Authorial Histories: The Historical Film and the Literary Biopic”, published in A Companion to the Historical Film, edited by Robert A. Rosenstone and Constantin Parvulescu, published by Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

Reviews of the collection:

“Rosenstone and Parvulescu appropriately invite us to re-consider the relationship between history and film, enlisting all the best names in the field for this excellent and timely Companion to the Historical Film.”
- Claudio Fogu, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Embracing an impressive array of perspectives on feature films from across the world, this Companion will become an authoritative work of reference for anyone interested in how film represents, and even rethinks, history.”
- Maria Wyke, University College London

Available for purchase at: Wiley-Blackwell’s Website, Amazon, The Book Depository, and other stores.


Critical essay titled, “The Lost Mother and the Enclosed Lady: Gender and Domesticity in MTV’s Adaptation of Wuthering Heights”, published in Neo-Victorian Families: Gender, Sexual and Cultural Politics, edited by Marie-Luise Kohlke and Christian Gutleben, published by Rodopi, 2011.

Available for purchase at: Rodopi’s Website, Amazon, The Book Depository, and other stores.


Critical essay titled, “A Post-Feminist Romance: Love, Gender and Intertextuality in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga”, published in Theorizing Twilight: Essays on What’s at Stake in a Post-Vampire World, edited by Natalie Wilson and Maggie Parke, published by McFarland, 2011.

Available for purchase at: McFarland’s Website, Amazon, The Book Depository, and other stores.

University of Missouri Press

Critical essay titled, “The Legacy of Hell: Wuthering Heights on Film and Gilbert and Gubar’s Feminist Poetics”, published in Gilbert and Gubar’s The Madwoman in the Attic After Thirty Years, edited by Annette Federico, published by the University of Missouri Press, 2009.

Available for purchase at: Amazon, The Book Depository, and other stores.


Personal essay titled, “Touching”, published in the June (2013) issue of Meanjin (Volume 72, Number 2, 2013). Purchase a copy here.

Bare Hands Poetry Competition

Poem titled, “The Pomegranate”, published in Bare Hands Poetry journal’s website, highly commended in the Bare Hands International Poetry & Postcard Competition. Postcards are distributed by bookshops such as Shakespeare & Co, Paris, Foyles Bookshop, London, Another Country, Berlin, Gertrude & Alice, Sydney, Sappho Books, Melbourne, City Lights, San Francisco, The Last Bookstore, LA, The Strand, New York, and others.

The South Circular

Short story, “Red is for Blue”, published in Issue 7 of The South Circular, 2013. Available for purchase here.

Unbound Press

Short story, “Miranda in Red”, published in Spilling Ink, edited by Amy Burns, published by Unbound Press, 2011.

Short Story Competition Winner.

The Australian Ballet

Essay titled, “What Lies Beyond?” published in The Australian Ballet’s Elegy Programme, 2011.

Underscore Magazine

Personal essay titled, “A Quiet Moment”, published in the Fight Issue of Underscore Magazine. Available for purchase here.

Personal essay titled, “Arriving Within”, published in the Flight Issue of Underscore Magazine. Available for purchase here.

Kindred Magazine

Personal essay titled, “Coming Home”, published in Issue One of Kindred Magazine. Available for purchase here.

Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University

Critical essay titled, “Be Still”, published in the programme book for photographer Sundari Carmody’s Be Still Photography Exhibition at Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University.

It’s the Dusty Hour

Poem titled, “Evening Postcard”, written for the collaborative zine, It’s the Dusty Hour, with Melbourne artists, Gracia & Louise. The zine is featured in the Book Arts newsletter (issue 76) and was sold out at the Museum of Contemporary Art store. Available for purchase here.

The Glimmer of Armour

Poem titled, “Daytime Party”, written for the collaborative zine, The Glimmer of Armour, with Melbourne artists, Gracia & Louise. The zine is featured in the Book Arts newsletter (issue 79). Available for purchase here.

Satsuma Press

Poem titled, “This Year”, printed by Satsuma Press from my blog as an art print.


Untitled essay published in Issue Five of Spoonful. Available for purchase here.

Le projet d’amour

I have been running my personal blog, Le projet d’amour, since 2008. I share my research and writing, and write about film, books, art and culture, poetry, and feminism.

My blog has a strong readership and has been nominated for the Voices 2013 awards. My posts have also been mentioned and featured on many sites, including Bust Magazine, Dazed Digital, Apartment Therapy, Bitch Flicks, Worn Journal, and others.

Read a few interviews here: We Love Perth, Royal Quiet Deluxe and Ace Camp Journal.

The Australian Ballet

I have been a writer for The Australian Ballet’s blog, Behind Ballet, since September 2010.


Critical article titled, “Descending bangability: Welcome to the new low”, published on Lipmag, 18 December 2013.

The Guardian

Critical article titled, “The Holocaust is not your metaphor to use in modern political debates”, published on The Guardian website, 27 January 2014.

Critical article titled, “Politicians shouldn’t have a say on the worth of research grants”, published on The Guardian website, 11 September 2013.


Critical article titled, Downton Abbey and the Heritage Industry”, published on Overland journal’s website.

The Australian Film Institute

Critical essay titled “Why I Adore: Somersault”, written for The Australian Film Institute’s (AFI) blog.

Settle Petal

Critical article on feminism titled, “Brave New World?” written for the website Settle Petal, run by the Equality Rights Alliance and YWCA Australia - one of six National Women’s Alliances funded by the Australian Government Office for women.


Critical article titled, “Has ‘indie’ become just another way of saying ‘unprofessional’?” published on the Meanjin blog. Co-written with Jane Flanagan.


Perth City Guide written for the website, Design*Sponge.


Critical article titled, “Are your ads sexist?” written for Nextness blog (STW Group) on sexism in advertising.

Anthology Magazine

Guest post written for Anthology Magazine’s regular blog column, ‘Attributes’.

Jessica Stanley

Guest post written for Jessica Stanley (editor of Nextness blog) for her column, ‘READ.LOOK.THINK.’ This post was featured on the front page of Wordpress.

Desktop Magazine

Freelance writing produced for Desktop Magazine Online. Desktop is Australia’s most read monthly design culture magazine.

Notes on Metamodernism

Critical essay titled, “Seeking Substance in Historical Costume Films”, published on the website, Notes on Metamodernism.

Critical essay titled, “The Ethics of Nostalgia”, published on the website, Notes on Metamodernism.


Blogging written for Leeloo as their Perth correspondent, covering Perth-based art, events, fashion, photography, markets and indie designers.

Other Guest Posts

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*Current project* I am currently working on a monograph on literary biopics, examining the screen adaptation of the figure of the author and biographies of well-known writers. I am also co-organising a conference on biopic adaptations at the Centre for Adaptations, De Montfort University:

CFP: Biopic Adaptations
Centre for Adaptations
De Montfort University
Leicester LE1 9BH
24 February 2015

Although ‘biopics’, or film biographies, have been around since the beginning of cinema, scholarly interest in the subject is only beginning to develop. This one day conference hosted by the Centre for Adaptations will bring together scholars and practitioners in a range of topics, such as the evolution of the biopic from the silent to the contemporary period, biopics of writers, sporting heroes, politicians, royalty and gangsters, and debates concerning gender, sexuality, race and historical integrity. Proposals (between 50-100 words) and a brief biographical note should be sent to Deborah Cartmell (djc@dmu.ac.uk) and Hila Shachar (hila.shachar@dmu.ac.uk) by 27 November 2014. Papers will be selected for publication.

Office for Learning and Teaching, Australian Government

I was part of a research team funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (Australian Government) and lead by the University of Tasmania to build a project called ‘Adapt’.

‘Adapt’ is based on the development of an online Open Educational Resources (OER) repository where individuals might share teaching materials and browse other people’s work, creating a community of scholars. While primarily focused on the field of Adaptation Studies, this repository also acts as a test pilot for Australian institutions, as OER projects are still relatively new in Australian higher education.

This project was a partnership led by Professor Imelda Whelehan (University of Tasmania), with project partners including myself, Dr Hila Shachar (University of Western Australia), as well as Professor David Sadler (University of Tasmania), Dr Lisa Fletcher (University of Tasmania), Associate Professor Frances Bonner (University of Queensland), Associate Professor Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland), and Dr Christopher Worth (Monash University).

For more information on the project, visit: Website, Blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Interviews with Holocaust Survivors

I have extensive experience interviewing Holocaust survivors for the purpose of preserving historical memory, aiding the preservation of historical knowledge, educational films and projects on the Holocaust, and commissioned interviews by Holocaust memorial museums. I am a skilled interviewer and have conducted such interviews in both English and Hebrew.

I have also undertaken years of research about the Holocaust, and I’m available to aid in the development of and research for any Holocaust related interviews, projects, films, archival research, educational programmes, journalism, media releases, and school groups talks and lectures.

Notes on Metamodernism

I am part of the editorial team for the website, Notes on Metamodernism, which brings together scholars and critics from across the world to examine contemporary art, politics, aesthetics, film, literature, theatre and culture.

The University of Western Australia

I have worked as an Administrative and Research Assistant at The University of Western Australia, where I was called upon to perform general administrative duties including the formulation of department spreadsheets, uploading of undergraduate course material online, designing of department marketing materials, photocopying, printing and liaising with the general public/students.

I also worked as a specialist Research Assistant undertaking comprehensive searches of online databases and compiling annotated bibliographies and reports on research that aided a successful application for a large government grant. The subject areas of this specialised research included Land Law/Property Law and literature, Mabo Land Law, and nineteenth-century literature.

Archival Research

I have undertaken archival research in many museums and libraries in the UK and Australia, and performed years of online and professional database research. I can collate, manage and report material in a timely and efficient manner for various large or small projects, and long or short reports.

Freelance Editing

I have experience working as an editor and reviewer with various authors, publishers and literary/academic journals. Duties I have performed include, reviewing books and submissions for journals and publishers, peer-reviewing book manuscripts and journal articles for publication, acting as an external reviewer for publishers such as Routledge and Palgrave Macmillan, proof-reading and editing book manuscripts, essays, articles and fiction, copy-editing and indexing for books, and many more.

I also have a good knowledge of copyright laws in print, film, and online material, having worked closely with various publishers, editors, film companies and copyright lawyers.

I have experience producing print/online marketing materials and copy-writing for various companies, including The Australian Ballet, Fremantle Markets, and others. More details are available upon request.

I have helped organise large literary conferences, undertaking duties such as organising conference programmes, corporate donations and advertising. I am therefore skilled in helping to manage large events and creating marketing material for them.

I have also been invited to participate in marketing/PR events by companies such as the ABC and film companies such as Universal Pictures and Paramount. I have been invited to speak on panels for film premieres and have been interviewed by ABC journalists on films and books.