The XV
XV is a project we created during the Marketing & Promotion module at Hyper Island. The purpose was to promote the class in some way and we had to work as the whole group of 36 people.

What is XV?
XV means 15 in roman letters.

Three years ago Hyper Island went from the numbered crew concept to labeling classes with abbreviations, ordered by completion year and location. This ended a fine tradition. A tradition in which we would have been the 15th crew, instead of our current label DM11KNA, Digital Media 11 Karlskrona.
We felt that the crew tradition carried a great brand value and we wanted to rebrand the crew concept and salvage some of the value, so we created the secret Hyper Island Order and the 15th Chapter.

This project was a huge one with 36 guys involved, many ideas and thoughts at the same time, do's and dont's & pros and cons.
The whole class become later devided in to different groups.

- Documentation
- Invite letters
- Invite video
- Finance
- Photo
- Web production

My role in this project was Art Director / Designer.
I was in the process from day one to the release. Started up with concept and visual translation of DM11KNA and was later designing the both sites, invite site and the big xv site together with John Karlsson. The fantastic Logo design is made by Josue Motta.

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