This started as a fun collaboration between the Swedish fashion council and Berghs School of Communication. Our goal was to help twelve newcomers in the swedish fashion industry and I chose Drakenberg Sjölin. They produce jewelery inspired by the Nordic light and darkness, seasons of spring, autumn and the constant movement in nature and I tried to keep that scandinavian, light and airy feel to it but with the model being a bit on the edgy side with her sharp eyes and her pose. In the end the client was very happy with the shot and has been using it as their main selling material at their authorized dealers. It was later voted best advert by Aftonbladet's readers ahead of the 11 other groups from Berghs School of Communication in February of 2010. I still work with Andrea & Ellen and have just recently finished their new website and helped them shoot their second ad campaign, again with Jörgen Brennicke.

Art Direction & Graphic Design by → Felix Winqvist (duh!)
Photography by → Jörgen Brennicke
Model → Henrietta Nygren
Stylist → Emma Thorstrand
Hair & Make by → Sophia Eriksen