Initial Wireframes & User Flow

Advanced Screens

Design & Creative Process (some pictures)

Wireframes & User Flow Process

Concept Evolving: Dynamic, Flowing, Inspiring

Responsive web design for a new B2C startup in traveling industry

UX, UI , Web & App design for a new Gaming Start-up company

Competitive Research

Users Journeys


Native Mobile Screens

Design and Marcom for a disruptive IoT tech start-up

Branding for Pi Therapeutics (PiTx) , an advanced Bio-Tech company specialising cancer treatment.

My aim was to create scientific, healing, pharmaceutical, advanced and sleek look & feel

Some Process:

Branding for a cutting-edge BioTech startup.

The "X" shape in relation to an "O" is resembling a Neurone function. The colour scheme is bold and supporting the message of unique, Bio-tech, energetic

Branding & designing a product launch video presentation for potencial investors

Including creating: Branding, Art Direction and Photography

WindE is a green product that is exploiting access wind and transforming it to a green electric energy

The logo was in a green shade with energetic slant to emphasise the wind blowing and the E reminding the shape of a long green balloon - repiling that the electricity is green and is made by a blowing wind