Happy New Year! As the new decade begins be sure to be on the lookout for some new work currently in the process of completion. New direct mail packs also on the way.

Today i graduated from University. Was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the kilt. Wayhay.

Uni results came through today. Will be graduating in November with an upper 2nd class(2:1) honours degree in graphic design. Good times.

06/07/2009 is now live. Thanks to the guys at Cargo for their tech help!!

Currently customising my site. Hopefully will have a good few projects on here within the next couple of days...

Keep on the lookout.

* should be active anytime now...finally

Just back from exhibiting at D&AD New Blood in London. Was an awesome experience. Lots of really interesting and creative stuff on show down there. Still currently looking for any work opportunities that arise, hopefully some will from the exhibition as it was/is fantastic exposure for creative graduates and is a fantastic event.