3D reel
Please watch in HD, Fullscreen, and proper sound.

What I did where:

Round 6 - Video game trailer conceptualized, directed and art directed by me. I did all the shading, texturing, sculpting, lighting, rendering and compositing, as well as some of the modeling and animation.
For the full project go to www.Round6.net

888 - TV commercial for 888. I did the shot setup, shading and lighting, and was lead on rendering and compositing.

Lotto - a series of commercials for Lotto. I did shading and visual supervision (lighting, rendering and compositing) throughout the project.
The rest of the shots are from various projects for TV, especially TV series for children in which I was post production supervisor (managing scene assembly, lighting, rendering and compositing teams). The specific shots in the reel I have shaded, lit and composited myself.

Music is "Bionic", by South Central.