Barcelona: Crajes

Finding yourself looking into the mirror after some kind of answer, the great infinity strikes a vicious blow to your mind.

Our worlds might begin and end at just that point; our reflection standing there on the other side, lonely and cold, is a testament our existence in this world as a solitary creature.

Our bodies are separated from each other even though we once were created and belonged to someone else. Born, or rejected, we came into this world.

So the idea of collaboration, to be able to grasp the great unknown, is an interesting one. Maybe we need to walk hand in hand to be able to reach further than where our individual mind can take us.

Carla and Jessica, the two gifted artists in this piece, mention the duality in each person, and they paint their art together, using each other’s strengths to create something nobody would be able to make on their own.

Maybe the feeling of eternal loneliness in the human spirit is just a way for us to cry out for another person. Somebody to dance with under the yellow glittering disco ball we call the sun. Somebody to whisper in your ear: you are not alone. And slowly something might occur to us while we are dancing there, something important.

We create this world together.