Yoga Cleaning Products

Brief:You are required to brand, package and promote a new range of cleaning products
for the home, based upon the following target market,

'A clean house is a clean mind - everything we posses is an outward expression of our
inner selves.Yes, one could say 'cleanliness is next to godliness'. It is about creating karma,
a spirtual nest that you happy to invite people into, untainted by the turmoil of the world
outside. A find the process of cleaning quite cathartic, reordering the complexities of my world.'

Outcome: I focused on the target markets spiritual beliefs towards cleaning. The act of
cleaning your home is not a chore for them, it is a spiritual act in which you can achieve
peace and serenity.

To appeal to this view of cleaning as a spiritual act, I produced a range of cleaning wipes
with yoga positions printed on them. This allows the target audience to fully incorporate
meditation into their cleaning regime.