Furniture Design

Attraction (Image 1-4)
a custom designed chandelier. Inspired by ideas of string theory manifested into the everyday.The piece acts as a discriminator of realities from a moment in time. A parametric design etched onto an acrylic light-box acts as a threshold which the light passes through and scatters into every corner of possible universes. As the pattern changes across the surface of the light it effects the way the light is propelled uniquely across its entirety.

The Chandelier hangs elegantly from your ceiling as an extension of the ceiling above. It will accent and enliven your entry way, staircase, or double hight space beautifully. The Chandelier has an air of sophisticated simplicity and at the same time speaks to the domestic.
Design Team: Hailey Glasgow, Ralph Spencer Steenblik


Bureau Seat (image 5-8)

Our entry in the Phoenix Contemporary Design Fair's international design competition which, showcased our piece. The feature can be found in the May 2008 issue of Kontakt Magazine, with a follow up article in the June issue. We were one of the finalists with our recyclable entry hanger chair; the Bureau Seat. Design Team: Chad Beus, Ralph Spencer Steenblik