Did you know that the Coca-Cola Company offers a portfolio of more than 3,500 products in over 200 countries?

From Inca Kola, a sparkling beverage found in North and South America, and Samurai, energy drink available in Asia; to Vita, an African juice drink, and BonAqua, a water found on four continents, Coca-cola Company product variety spans the globe!

Here are some major Coca Cola Products in USA: Dasani water, Fanta, Powerade, Sprite, Flavored Cokes such as Cherry, Vanilla and many more, Barq’s Root Beer, Fresca, Mr. Pibb, Nestea, Minute Maid, Bacardi Mixers Fruitopia, TaB, Tahiti Treat, Mello Yello, Splice, & Mexican Coke.

This is of course just a partial list as there are literally hundreds of beverages included in their portfolio in various markets around the world.
Basically the Coca-Cola Company made 7 types of drink for the world:

First Energy drinks—for those with a high-intensity approach to life, there brands of energy drinks contain ingredients such as ginseng extract, guarana extract, and caffeine and B vitamins.

Juices/juice drinks—they bring innovation to the goodness of juice in their more than 100 juices and juice drink brands, offering both adults and children nutritious, refreshing and flavorful beverages.

Soft drinks—their dozens of soft drink brands provide flavor and refreshment in a variety of choices. From the original Coca-Cola to most recent introductions, soft drinks from The Coca-Cola Company are both icons and innovators in the beverage industry.

Sports drinks—Carbohydrates, fluids, and electrolytes team together in our sports drinks, providing rapid hydration and terrific taste for fitness-seekers at any level.

Tea and coffee—bottled and canned teas and coffees provide consumers' favorite drinks in convenient take-anywhere packaging, satisfying both traditional tea drinkers and today's growing coffee culture.

Water—Smooth and essential, their waters and water beverages offer hydration in its purest form.

Other—So much more than soft drinks, their brands also include milk products, soup, and more. So you can choose a Coca-Cola Company product anytime, anywhere, for nutrition, refreshment or other needs.
Those are the normal sell products and also let me introduce to you some limited edition collection around world.

Diesel’s 55DSL and Coca-Cola Zero encouraged Japanese designers to create new looks for the limited edition of the contour bottles, dedicated to the XV Anniversary of the brand. There were more than 600 entries, but only 15 designs appeared on the bottles. Before the opening of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, CCNA will release limited edition cans and FridgePacks bearing the familiar Coca-Cola logo in different languages including Ethiopian, Russian, Thai and Mandarin, as well as English. It will be the first time the Coca-Cola script has appeared in different languages in the US, with new designs being released every two to three weeks.

Special 20oz (591ml) Coca-Cola bottles will also feature labels with multiple languages including those of Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Korea, Nepal and Sri Lanka. To link US consumers with the approaching Summer Games, collectable packaging and in-store materials will feature a “Six Pack” of athletes: Olympic gold medallists Natalie Coughlin (swimming), Steven Lopez (taekwondo), and Sanya Richards (track and field); Olympic competitors LeBron James (basketball) and Andy Potts (triathlon); and Olympic hopeful Shawn Johnson (gymnastics).

Coca-Coca Light the Lagerfeld way!
This favorite drink of women has called upon the genius of Karl Lagerfeld to dress the Coca-Cola light aluminum bottle.
The designer lends his inimitable style and his unmistakable silhouette to the chic lines of the bottle, all in a special limited-edition box, accompanied by a bottle-opener hidden in a drawer.
Italian designer Roberto Cavalli designed Coca-Cola Light limited-edition bottles which come in three seductive, feminine styles, sold in Italy from September to December.

8 iconic Italian feminine fashion designers – Donatella Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari (Blumarine), Veronica Etro, Silvia Venturini (Fendi), Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni), Angela Missoni and Rossella Jardini (Moschino) – unveiled their limited edition collection of Coca-Cola Light’s stylish bottles as a part of “Tribute to Fashion” project, which aims to raise funds in order to support womenm who suffered from the earthquake in Abruzzo this April.

- Jing Zhou