Mediterranean Europe and North Africa: a commission for Xiphos Game studios to appear as the game board for a future project about the Mediterranean in the classical era.

©Zachary Bodenner

Eldara: a fantasy map to appear (hopefully sometime in the future) in a Brazillian fantasy novel by Douglas Alfred. Award winner on the Cartographer's Guild.

©Zach Bodenner

My first commissioned map: Europe in 1700. Greater Than Games commissioned this map for their board game Spirit Island. European countries will appear on cards that alter game conditions. Look for Spirit Island later this year!

©Greater Than Games

A map of Southeast Asia "set" in 1900. I took on the challenge for this map of using only black lines and text, relying on text and line weight differences to symbolize features. Color was added after this goal was accomplished to provide just a bit more definition.

This is a basic reference map of South Korea I made recently, showing some of the largest features like National Parks, major mountain peaks, and the DMZ. The pale green color of the title and border is meant to evoke Cheong-ja ("celadon") pottery, a centuries-old Korean art.

This map of Athens Ohio is constructed using only text. Though this wasn't an original concept, it was a challenge to apply the style to a small town like this one.

Deforestation in the Eastern United States: A brief overview map to be published in a forthcoming textbook chapter written by Dr. Geoff Buckley (Ohio University).

This map is designed to accompany an article on the topic by Yuri Zhukov (Harvard). The data was provided by cartographer Sam Pepple as he helped our class to understand freelance cartography. For the article (and Mr. Pepple's original map) please visit Foreign Affairs Magazine.

Here's another reference-style wall map, but with a different feel. This map places more emphasis and weight on administrative regions.

This map was designed as a tourist-targeted brochure to coax travel to the Yucatan. It's been heavily simplified to be more showy than data-rich.

The Maguindanao Massacre was one of the worst examples of election violence in recent history, and was under-reported when it was perpetrated. I imagine this map accompanying a written piece, so much of the story isn't described here..

I displayed this poster at NACIS 2011 in the student poster section, and it accompanied a dynamic map I created, which won the student map competition.

This map of the fictional continent Westeros (from the Game of Thrones series) is my first attempt at fantasy cartography, as well as my first foray into Photoshop.

Columbia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam are some of the world's most productive coffee growing countries. Here are their top ten export destinations in 2012.

Often reviled and feared, bats actually play a critical role in our ecosystems. This infographic tells the story of the biggest threat to their survival.

Another example of my fantasy cartography, this time from scratch. Like the Westeros map, Ashe was created mostly in Photoshop, with labeling done in Illustrator.

Much can change in the four year gap between Olympic Games. Here's a comparison of national performance between Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014

A reimagined version of a previous fantasy map. This style appears more photo-realistic, as opposed to pictographical. It is "set" in a different time period than the first iteration.

Azraghael: pictographical fantasy, and my first time creating realistically shaded mountains entirely by hand. Also my first designing heraldry.