Can Fest, Krasnodar, Russia

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Acid Dollar

Bolshoi Theatre

Tourist assistance

It suddenly struck me while traveling that I constantly project currency rates on foreign notes, so I decided to act in the spirit of street vandalism (when an artist damage state property, trying to improve it) and began applying additional infographics on notes with a simple inkjet printer, showing their other values. I tried to globalize notes, erase the boundaries between "native" and "non-native", thereby sparing tourist from the painful necessity of infinite calculations.

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Сollaboration with Misha Karagezyan
"Can 2013" , ZIP, Krasnodar

Video work "Shaft" has been implemented during public-art festival "Can-2013" which took place in one of the abandoned buildings of Krasnodar ZIP, where our studio is located at. It is a documentation of process of monotonous tossing of our art works, made on glass, into incompleted cargo lift shaft. For some time this action, simulating the functioning of imaginary workers of the plant, livened the production, that has never been launched before: imaginary workers, following the imaginary regulations, performed imaginary task. Our spontaneous gesture was from one hand initiated by search of more profound way of interaction with space of exhibition, and from another hand by aspiration to rid off the burden of accumulated art-works and to overcome the personal conceptual crisis. Critical intensification of attention on the fragility of the material depicts the irrationality of existence of these works within the given place. As a result of recycling of big amount of discrete corporeal art-works, appears the new digital one.