In cooperation with Dynapac, through an advanced project, I practiced a real-time process of product-services development and gain theoretical understanding of product-service system development methods and tools that support a full socio-ecological sustainability perspective as well as to provide recommendations on their most appropriate uses.

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By the end of this project, I was able to:
• Describe product development process (e.g. in companies and in theory)
• Describe different tools and concepts relevant to Eco-design and Sustainable Product Development and demonstrate the ability to apply the Strategic Sustainable Development framework to describe how these tools and concepts are best utilized
• Relate to people now practicing such methods and tools including knowing key terms, roles, and approaches in those disciplines
• Describe approaches to integrating Sustainable Product Development tools into existing product development environments
• Describe criteria for selecting and assessing Sustainable Product Development tools depending on the context
• Select the right level of details when using tools to assessing Product-service systems or concepts
• Identify sustainability challenges in a product design and recommend suitable solutions to those challenges