Wedding Invitations

The Manchester College Creative Journeys 2014. End of Year Show booklet

Posters & Tickets in 3 Colour Ways

Recording and Analysing my life in macro detail for the month of August.

Findings Presented in a Booklet

You can view the full publication

Posters for Exhibitions: Inside Out and Spaces.

An experimental project exploring the relationships between sounds & combinations of letters that could accompany them.

Concertina Book


Film can be viewed here:
Branding & Promotion

A project to promote the independent retailers within the city and put them on the map as places for people to visit.

Visual Identity

Continuous Scrolling Website


Printed Map


A touring pop-up exhibition celebrating the Circus. Inspired by the patterns within Circus Fashion.



An experimental project to promote the potato! Selection of small books housed in a hessian sack.