Illustrator Contact

Alexandra Prachthauser is a 22 year old freelance Illustrator located in America specialising in children's book and traditional painting. (If necessary) Alex works in a brightly coloured digital-flat style, which brings a whimsical feeling into her children's book work. As much as she loves creating engaging artwork for children, her true love is in traditional painting and writing.

Alex received her BFA in Illustration from SCAD Hong Kong where she studied art and design full time for four years before deciding to stay in Asia for travel. Since her graduation in May 2015 she has travelled to Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Nepal, China, England, Poland. She lives in poverty but is generally very happy.

Alex prefers to avoid thundering statements of ecstasy concerning her artwork’s purpose. The honest truth of the matter is that she creates what she does because she enjoy collaborating with others, communicating messages, and making something that can be enjoyed. Alex enjoys working on a team of designers, is never married to one idea, and remains flexible with her work- always excited to take on new projects.