Hello all,

Wanted to do a special post to share a little about why we are setting out to do something so out of the ordinary, so absurd, and so simple.

We believe that people were meant to relate to one another. Face to face communication, in our opinion, is at the core of sound and sensible relationships. This means that cell phones are meant to be left at home on occasion so you can enjoy some quality time with your friend visiting from out of town. This means that instead of sending a facebook message, you can show up unexpected at a neighbors doorstep with a plate of tasty treats. Our desire to relate with one another should compel us to WANT quality time, long for facetime, and motivate us to develop and grow in our relationships with people!

To this end, we came up with 50days50meals. Its a project all about people and conversation. Its a project with one simple goal in mind—To love people. We do this by engaging in intentional conversation, sharing life, and trying to stay connected.

It's a simple model that anyone can execute. It's an ideology that everyone can relate to. It's a mentality that we hope many with adopt. Love people well. Don't be afraid to have a conversation!

Help us spread the vision. 11 days until departure!

Much love,
Austin & Andrew