about me

Hi! My name's Kristen. I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and crafter currently residing in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in Japan, and call Hawaii my home.

I like food, fun, and art. I have awesome handwriting, a weird sense of humor, and an unhealthy obsession for socks and cats. In my free time, I dance, plan events, and go on food adventures.

*** I'VE MOVED!!! ***
Hey everyone, my portfolio is now located at kristenkohashi.com
Please check out more of my stuff there!

You can contact me at:
kristenkohashi (at) gmail.com

And check out:

My sock blog where I upload a drawing of one sock from my giant personal sock collection everyday. If you have some time, please take a look! idrawsocks.tumblr.com

My webcomic based on my friends' status updates. thismmt.tumblr.com

I also have a flickr where I upload random art stuff.